About Us

During the last 3 years, our cosmetics store has grown to become a large hair bundle destination in the US

Hairbyshalom is a beauty shop that started in February 2018 primarily because we love to provide women of all races with exceptional luxury hair extensions at affordable prices. Tired of not getting the right texture and quality of hair we wanted, we decided to provide women with a range of exceptional quality virgin hair and raw hair extensions sourced directly from different countries of origin.

What makes hairbyshalom different.

Hairbyshalom offers a range of exceptional virgin and raw hairs that are carefully selected from different human donors. We ensure that each strand of hair is cuticle aligned and not chemically processed such that the hair cuticle is not damaged. We also ensure that our unprocessed hair bundles are healthy and clean.

Difference between Virgin and Raw hair.

In making sure that our top priority is satisfying all our customers, we offer different range of hair extensions. Customers are able to choose between Virgin or raw hair and each strand is carefully selected such that it can be bleached to achieve your desired hair color. The only difference between raw and virgin hair is that raw hair is gotten from the donor, washed and sent to you but virgin hair is gotten from the donor and it is steamed processed to achieve a very silky texture. Both hairs are of highest quality and the quality are not compromised at any point.
Regardless of which texture of hair you choose, our greatest desire is to make sure that every woman is luxuriously beautiful whilst maintaining self confidence.

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